2023 Spring Competitive League



General information

We are excited to open our 2023 Spring / Summer Competitive League Play program.  Entering our 49th year, Minnesota Rush continues to be a leader in the soccer community with a player centered approach, constantly working to provide the best service to you and your family. MN Rush is the only club with full / part time staff members solely dedicated to your player. 

Minnesota Rush is the only club in Rochester that is a member of the Minnesota Youth Soccer League and Southern Minnesota League which is part of the United States Soccer Federation.  We follow all mandates and recommendations for player development set at the National level.  

By joining Minnesota Rush you will receive the following benefits:

  • United States Soccer Licensed Coach or a Tetra Brazil Licensed Coach for each team- We ask all our coaches to become licensed with the entry level grassroots course. Most coaches go beyond the grassroots and attain higher level licensure.
  • Senior Staff Coaches for each age group- these professional coaches have advanced degrees in coaching. Currently on staff we have the only A-licensed Professional Coach in Rochester, and 2 C-license coaches. 
  • Senior Goalkeeper Coach to work with all teams and offer private keeper sessions. 
  • Winter team training for all teams.
  • Players will have the ability to play at the highest levels in the state
  • Team Training Fields
  • The full power of Rush! 

Practice Location

If safely possible, indoor sessions will start at the end of February. Due to the complexity of the schedule with other groups, practice sessions will rotate nights. We are unsure until registration closes how many indoor training sessions each team will get. Once we know the number of teams, we will update the schedule. 

Once again, indoor practices will be dependent on the current situation in regards to COVID.

**Players may opt out of any indoor practices if the family does not feel comfortable with the current COVID situation**

Once teams are outside, the practice location / time is determined by the Coaching staff. 

Birthyear Guidelines 

2015- U8

2014- U9

2013- U10

2012- U11

2011- U12

2010- U13

2009- U14

2008- U15

2007- U16

2006- U17

2005- U18

2004- U19



In the Fall 2021 we will entered into a new 2 year uniform cycle. All players playing Spring 2023 that have not ordered a new uniform kit will need to do so. The club will send the uniform link in January. Rough cost is $170.

Season Dates

Our hope is to have teams begin practicing 2X times a week at the end of February.  Indoor times will be out once teams are made. Obviously this all depends on the current situation with COVID. If the teams are unable to practice indoors, each player will have a discount on their fees.
Indoor practices typically end in April, which is then followed by teams practicing outside 2 times a week.  Coaches can from time to time request a 3rd practice per week.

Playing / Practice Schedule (OUTDOOR PRACTICE)

The club is currently working with the league to encourage games for U9-U12 be played on the weekends prior to Memorial Day. Following the holiday games will be scheduled for the weekdays.  As of now, the league has not issued the playing nights for the age groups. As soon as we know, we will update the website and communicate this with the families.

Registration / Cost

$525 for U9 and U10 players
$575 for U11-U18 players

**New this year- we are collecting fees from players to help cover 3 tournaments (this is part of the registration fees). The coaching staff will provide a list of tournaments to the coaches for them and team parents to decide on.

** This year we will only charge $50 when you register. Following the initial fee, the remaining amount will be set up in installments November thru May- installments are set to come out the 1st of the month. If we are unable to practice indoors, families will see that discounted from the max amount. Families may back out of playing if they are uncomfortable with the COVID situation at the time, in this case, families will receive refunds minus expenses.

5% Discount for families with multiple children playing- it is applied on the 2nd and corresponding registrations.

**Payment plan options will be available as you complete the registration

Deadline to register- July 12th, 2022

Financial Aid

During the registration process the system will ask if you would like to apply for Fin aid.

 **U9 / U10 Families- when you register the system will put you on the waitlist- please do not worry about this, we are monitoring the registrations daily and will invite you off of it asap. 

Girls Registration please click here

Boys Registration please click here

Player cost covers:

  • 3 Tournaments
  • Coaching Fees
  • Age group Staff Coaches
  • Goalkeeper Coach
  • All MYSA / Southern MN player fees
  • Insurance
  • Office expenses- Payroll / Marketing etc
  • Training Equipment
  • All Park & Rec Fees for Field Maintenance
  • Team training fields
  • College Fit Finder for all U15 and older
  • College Advisory Program
  • Website / Online registration platform
  • Team training equipment