2023 Spring Select Program



General information

The Rush Select Program is the club’s highest level for U15 and older. The Club has rebranded our year round programs to fall in line with National Rush and their select programs. The Academy and Elite programs will now be called Rush Select with emphasis on the building steps to the college ranks as well as Rush regional and national select teams.

Highlights of the program will be as follows:
– Free College Fit Finder account
– Two-Three training session per week outdoors and a minimum of two training sessions starting in January at the RCTC Dome.
– League games (games can be scheduled at any time), tournaments and showcases. This will be a hybrid model.
– Physical training with Exos at Mayo Clinic or OMC 1-2 times a week
– A College advisory program and access to our director.

MN Rush Select is designed for players who are fully committed to playing soccer. The expectation is that players will attend all training and games throughout the course of the season. If a player is a multi-sport athlete, we ask that they discuss their potential conflicts with their coach. Generally, practices are held after HS sport practices, and games can be rescheduled to any day of the week. Players having unexcused absences will affect playing time.
We are excited to be offering this revamped program as we strive to offer the most competitive soccer in our region. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us:

Neil Cassidy- ncassidy@minnesotarush.com
Angelo Tartaglia- atartaglia@minnesotarush.com

Practice Location

The intent is to have all Rush Select teams will practice at Southern Woods Soccer Complex- sometimes this does not work out. Practice days / times will be determined once we know the game nights from MYSA. All Select teams will practice 2-3 times a week once outside.


The season will run January-through July. Once we have confirmation dates for indoor times we will communicate this with all the families

Birth years

2008- U15


2006- U17

2005- U18


For Fall 2021 we will be entering into a new 2 year uniform cycle. All players will be need to buy a new uniform. The club will send the uniform link in late June. Rough cost is $170.


The senior coaching staff will work with each select team to help define the appropriate showcases.

League Schedule

All Select teams will participate in MYSA League play.


1- If my child does not make the Select team can they move back to Competitive Tournament Only or Competitive League?  Yes, once teams are announced, players that did not make the team will have a certain amount of time to let the office know if they would like to play League or Tournament Only.
2- Is there a fee for tryouts- No
3- My child is a multi-sport athlete, can they still tryout for a Select team?  Yes
4- I am player from a surrounding community that would like to tryout for a Select team, if I do not make it, am I bound to the club?  No, all players from the surrounding communities that have their own clubs will be released back to their club if they desire.

Registration / Cost

**When registering please choose the payment plan- this will only charge the $100 at this time.  If you do not choose the payment plan you will be required to pay the full amount.

Anyone wanting to be considered for a SELECT Team needs to register under a Select age group program during the registration.

Boys Registration

Girls Registration 

Deadline to register- 7/15/2022

**Payment plans are available for each age group – there will be 7 installments starting on November 1st – ending May 1st

To apply for Minnesota Rush Financial Aid, please fill out the information during the registration process.


    $1050 for any Select Team

    ** Fees will be assessed on a ongoing basis due to COVID. The above fees are the MAX fees one will pay. 

    Fees Cover:

    • Tournaments- a percentage of each players registration fee goes to covering 3 tournaments. The percentage is based off of the current tournament fees. If the tournament raises their costs the difference will need to be paid by the team.
    • All players will receive a player backpack, warmup pants / top – if a player does not need any of the items, their registration amount will be adjusted.
    • Trace or VEO- Video recording device to help players make highlight tapes for colleges
    • Indoor Fees
    • SAQ Training
    • Active PT Free Screening
    • Coaching Fees
    • Age group Staff Coaches
    • Goalkeeper Coach
    • All MYSA player fees
    • All Park & Rec Fees for Field Maintenance
    • Team training fields
    • Website / Online registration platform
    • Team training equipment
    • Office staff
    • College Fit Finder
    • National and Regional CAP directors