2023 Spring Competitive Tryouts



Birthyear Guidelines 

2014- U9

2013- U10

2012- U11

2011- U12

2010- U13

2009- U14

2008- U15

2007- U16

2006- U17

2005- U18

2004- U19

** There is no cost for tryouts**  

Tryout Process

The ultimate goal of tryouts is to have a ranking for every player in the age group completed by our technical staff.
– As players arrive, they are randomly given a number which is loaded into a google spreadsheet.
– Evaluators line up players and cross check numbers with google spreadsheet
– Players are then randomly assigned a team to play (number of teams and what we play 7v7 / 9v9 are dependent on the number of players signed up)
– We have a minimum of two fields, field A and field B.
– Field A can be considered the higher level of play and field B the lower
– Every 15 minutes players are moved between groups based on their ability
– At the end of the session the evaluators have ranked all players on their field 1-X (there are evaluators for each field and then a senior staff (Neil Cassidy /  Angelo Tartaglia/ Leo Barbosa) member overseeing)
– Players are thanked and the dismissed
– Information added to age group spreadsheet to help with the selection process

2023 MN Rush Tryouts

2023 Spring / Summer League Play & Select Tryouts

Tryouts are normally held in early December at the RCTC Dome.  Due to the past season issues with the dome going up late and the uncertainty of the dome going up for the 2022-23 winter season, the club has decided to move tryouts back outside. 

Players wishing to attend tryouts must register for the 2023 season. ** Reminder U9 and U10 do not have tryouts- registration for U9/U10 will close at the end of Sepetember.

Tryouts are only for League Play and Select Teams. Tournament Only teams will not have tryouts.

Tryouts are not required, but highly encouraged. Please find below the dates / times for age group tryouts.

We will aim to have a Select team at each gender / age group U15 and older. In order to provide the best possible team, some age groups may be combined. These teams will be determined through the select tryout dates. Players making these teams will be offered a spot and will have the option to accept or decline.


Select Tryouts 

July 18th

U15 Boys and Girls- 530-715pm

U16 Boys and Girls- 530-715pm


July 19th

U17 Boys and Girls- 530-715pm

U18 Boys and Girls- 530-715pm


July 30th- this will be our 2nd tryout date for Select teams. Players will be evaluated during non-select tryout times. We encourage players to attend both tryouts

U15 Boys and Girls- 200-330pm

U16 Boys and Girls- 300-430pm

U17 Boys and Girls- 400-530pm

U18 Boys and Girls- 700-830pm


Click here is for more information and to register

Select Goalkeeper tryouts will take place during the same hours / dates as non select keeper tryouts- July 30th 9-10am

Non Select Tryouts


July 30th – **Rain date will be July 31st

U11 Boys and Girls- 1000-1130am

U12 Boys and Girls- 1100-1230pm

U13 Boys and Girls- 1200-130pm

U14 Boys and Girls- 100-230pm

U15 Boys and Girls- 200-330pm

U16 Boys and Girls- 300-430pm

U17 Boys and Girls- 400-530pm

Goalkeeper Tryouts

– July 30th 9-10am U11-U18

Click here for complete details and to register

We do not run tryouts for U18 non select teams- generally we get enough interest in make just one team at each gender. If we get enough interest to make more then one team, we will place players according to past coach evaluations.


**Keeper tryouts for Select teams will be held at their age group tryouts**

Question / Answers
To help answer some potential questions we have put together a Q/A
1- What If I can not make tryouts? 
  • With this announcement coming out now, we know some families have already made summer plans. If you can not attend tryouts, we will use past season coaching evaluations for placement. We ask that you inform one of the coaching directors that you are unable to attend. Players are strongly encouraged to attend tryouts as it is another data point.
2- When will teams be announced?
  • Select teams will be announced within 48 hrs from tryouts. Non select teams will be announced once all the data points have been compiled. The most time consuming data point is getting all the past season coaches together for the age group to review placements- due to everyone’s busy schedule this takes the most time. U14 and younger will not be announced until the fall season data is collected.
3- Can I try up an age group?
  • Players are only allowed to try up an age group if they already are on the top team in the age group they are trying up for. For example, if a true u14 for the 2022 season (birth year 2008) is on the top U15 team for the 2022 season, that player can try up for the 2023 season. All other players CAN NOT try up unless they are invited to do so by the coaching staff.
4- Can I assume the format will be the same as indoor?
  • Yes. The optimal tryout experience is placing players in situations where they touch the ball often. 4v4, and 7v7 provide the best opportunities for this.
5- As a parent, can I stay and watch?
  • Yes, is a parent does decide to stay, they must stay in the parking lot. No parents will be allowed on the fields.
6- How do I sign up for tryouts?
  • Players must register the pay the registration fee to be considered for tryouts. Players are not allowed to attend tryouts unless they are registered. There will be several payment options.