Futsal – Skills Training

General Information

The personalized small group training sessions will offer specialized skills to those seeking supplement practice. These technical skills include ball manipulation, first touch, passing, aerial control, shooting, crossing and finishing.

Grades 3-thru HS – Please see schedule below for each grade level
55 minutes classes


Questions- please email Leo Barbosa at lbarbosa@minnesotarush.com
or Angelo Tartaglia at atartaglia@minnesotarush.com

Session I

January 10th – through February 11th

*No Practice January 14th or 17th

11 sessions


Session II

February 14th – April 4th

*No practice Feb 21st or the week of March 14th-18th (Spring Break)

12 sessions

Registration will open 1/14/22



Lakeview Gym



Sibley Gym

(March 2nd & 5th at SW Gym)










Monday (Females)


HS Grades

Grades 7-8



Grades 3-4

Grades 5-6


Wednesday (Free Play)


Grades 7-8 (COED)



Grades 3-4 (COED)

Grades 5-6 (COED)

Friday (Boys)


HS Grades

Grades 7-8



Grades 3-4

Grades 5-6

*Free Play – Unstructured scrimmaging is one of the keys to developing more technical and creative players.  This is made possible with the “Brazilian pelada”, which is an unstructured time playing soccer.  The “Pelada” is one of the things that makes the Brazilian style so unique.  Coaches will help define teams and supervise, but will not be coaching during free play periods. It will be once a week.

Cost- $65 for the entire session. 

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